Fraction to Decimal Calculator

Convert fractions to decimals effortlessly with our fraction to decimal tool. Choose from 2 to 8 decimal places and instantly see your results.

Fraction to Decimal Converter

Common Uses of our Fraction into Decimal Convertor


  • Math Homework and Education: Students and teachers can use it to convert fractions to decimals for math problems, assignments, and lessons.
  • Cooking and Baking: When following recipes that use fractions, you can convert ingredient quantities to decimals for precise measurements on a digital scale.
  • Engineering and Construction: Professionals in engineering and construction typically need to work with measurements accurate to a number of decimal places and can use this tool to convert fractions used in blueprints and plans into decimals.
  • Carpentry and Woodworking: Lots of carpentry and woodworking materials are sold in fractional sizes and converting into decimals is necessary for precise cutting and fitting.
  • Financial Calculations: In finance, converting fractions to decimals can be useful for interest rate calculations, investment analysis, and more.