Color Picker Tool

Our Color Picker Tool allows you to upload an image, select a pixel, and obtain its corresponding hex code. Easily explore and identify colors from images with the intuitive crosshair selector. Copy the hex code with a single click for seamless integration into your design projects.

Color Picker Tool

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Common Uses of our Color Selector Tool


  • Graphic Design: Use the color picker tool to extract colors from images for your graphic design projects. Quickly identify and capture color palettes to use in your designs.

  • Web Design: Explore images and extract colors to create visually appealing website color schemes. Ensure consistency and harmony across your web design by using colors extracted from relevant images.

  • Digital Art: Discover interesting color combinations and inspirations by analyzing and extracting colors from images. Use the color picker tool to incorporate unique and eye-catching color schemes into your digital artwork.

  • Branding and Logo Design: Extract colors from existing logos or brand materials to maintain color consistency and create complementary design elements. Use the color picker tool to precisely match and replicate brand colors.

  • UI/UX Design: Enhance user interfaces and user experiences by analyzing and incorporating colors from relevant images. Create engaging and visually pleasing designs by using the color picker tool to select colors that evoke desired emotions and moods.

  • Photography: Analyze and extract colors from photographs to identify and study color schemes and harmonies. Use the color picker tool to understand the color compositions in your photographs and replicate or modify them in your post-processing.

  • Interior Design: Analyze images of interior spaces or furniture to extract colors for designing cohesive and visually appealing interior color schemes. Use the color picker tool to match or contrast colors with existing elements in the space.

  • Digital Marketing: Extract colors from images to create visually consistent and appealing marketing materials, such as banners, social media posts, and advertisements. Use the color picker tool to maintain branding consistency across different marketing channels.

  • Educational Purposes: Use the color picker tool as an educational resource to teach color theory, color harmonies, and the effects of different color combinations. Analyze and discuss the color compositions of famous artworks or photographs with students.